Great Review for “Scarlet Revenge”


The Romance Studio is a wonderful site offering honest reviews for romance books. Authors and publishers can submit a book for review. I did and rec’d a fantastic review for Scarlet Revenge. Check it out.


4 thoughts on “Great Review for “Scarlet Revenge”

  1. Ann, I appreciated your presentation at the Las Vegas Writers Group. I’ve already put some of your suggestions into effect for my Kindle book on poker playing. Thanks for the copy of the book. I posted a review on Amazon. I also posted the Amazon link on my Facebook page for my 1,942 female “friends.” (some guys, too. Heh) Hope it generates some sales. Could not find your Facebook page, though. – Ray Seakan

  2. Thanks for your Amazon review, Ray!!! I appreciate you posting one. And for sharing my book info on fb! You can find me on fb as Scarlet Suspense Series. All best with your poker book! I’m glad you found some useful promotion suggestions from my speech!

    • Ann, you are welcome. I hope my FB friends spread the word far and wide.

      I liked the way you dropped the clue about Jeffrey being Omega when he looked directly into Caycee’s eyes in the bar after you just mentioned that Omega and she were the same height. Suspecting Jeffrey might be Omega at this point didn’t give anything away but it revealed how bold and diabolical this killer was. It was not surprising later, then, that he penetrated the interrogation facility with his knowledge of FBI methods and his capability of disguise.

      While I am a novice at this writing thing, I did want to offer to exchange scripts for mutual review if you think my input would be of any value to you.

      • Thanks for the offer to exchange manuscripts, Ray. Currently, I’m in a critique group that helps me prepare my work, plus the editing my publisher supplies. Down the road, I might need Beta readers and I’ll be sure to contact you.

        Glad to hear you liked the introduction of Omega and that it added another dimension to the character! Those things are good to know!

        Happy writing!

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