Caycee Scarlet Tangles with the Zodiac Killer


Scarlet Envy Front

Book Two of the Scarlet Suspense series — Scarlet Envy — is now available on Amazon! Clever FBI Analyst Caycee Scarlet is back in action with all the usual suspects.

Including the delicious men in her life:

  •  Handsome boyfriend and boss, FBI Special Agent Gil Graham-  although their job and personal lives are not meshing so well now that they are working in Washington, D.C.
  • Devilish Carl Hicks- plotting and sacrificing everything to win Caycee’s heart.
  • Loyal confidant Alec Perez- who sticks by her side through a new boss and every rule Caycee breaks.

Thrown into the mix are a couple of serial killers that make their attacks personal — for Caycee. And it gets very personal when Siobhan Hicks, Carl’s crazy ex, pulls them into finding the infamous Zodiac Killer.