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If you’re a fan of indie publishing and indie authors, then you should head over to Indie Author News. And if you need another reason, checkout the cool interview they did about me and my two books. Click HERE.


The Joy of Posting Book Reviews


I’m reaching out to all my blog buddies to see who would like to exchange a free read for an honest review posted to Amazon. If that’s you… please leave a comment with your email.

I’d like to up my review count on Amazon for Scarlet Envy. Here’s a little blurb about the book:

FBI Analyst Caycee Scarlet is back on the trail of another ruthless serial killer, and doing it the wrong way – her way.

Bombing suspect Carl Hicks continues to evade the FBI, but his interest in Caycee heats up. He sends her a love letter, prompting the FBI to place her into protective custody and use an agent as a double to draw Hicks out. The bomber isn’t fooled.

Hating being sidelined, Caycee realizes Hicks may not be a threat when he finds her safe house and reveals his ulterior motive. He’s on a mission – to save Caycee from his dangerous ex-wife Siobhan – who is killing her bloodline to eliminate the Killer Gene. Unbeknownst to everyone but Siobhan’s twisted mind, Caycee holds the key to finding the source of the gene. And the source has a deadly legacy – it’s the notorious Zodiac Killer.

The clever FBI Analyst wants back in the game but her boss, and lover, Agent Gil Graham, is reluctant to expose her to the evil of two serial killers. After all, Caycee’s an analyst not an agent! It causes her to rely more on Hicks, and question which man is her true soul mate – the protector or the trickster? The answer lies somewhere along the trail of iconic 40-year-old murders, and Caycee’s ability to uncover the truth. If she fails, she’ll be the Zodiac Killer’s latest victim.

Caycee Scarlet Tangles with the Zodiac Killer


Scarlet Envy Front

Book Two of the Scarlet Suspense series — Scarlet Envy — is now available on Amazon! Clever FBI Analyst Caycee Scarlet is back in action with all the usual suspects.

Including the delicious men in her life:

  •  Handsome boyfriend and boss, FBI Special Agent Gil Graham-  although their job and personal lives are not meshing so well now that they are working in Washington, D.C.
  • Devilish Carl Hicks- plotting and sacrificing everything to win Caycee’s heart.
  • Loyal confidant Alec Perez- who sticks by her side through a new boss and every rule Caycee breaks.

Thrown into the mix are a couple of serial killers that make their attacks personal — for Caycee. And it gets very personal when Siobhan Hicks, Carl’s crazy ex, pulls them into finding the infamous Zodiac Killer.

Scarlet Envy – Book 2 is Coming!!!


Exciting news on the publishing front — Scarlet Envy (Book 2 in the Scarlet Suspense Series) is at the proof stage! That is when an author gets to see the almost completed book and approve the layout.

The good news is… the book looks great!

The extra good news is… Scarlet Envy will be on Amazon really soon!

I’ll keep you posted on the release date!

WIP Challenge


The incredibly talented romance writer Karen Mueller Bryson, who writes as Dakota Madison (among other pen names you’d know), has included me in a works-in-progress challenge. Here’s how the challenge goes:

1) Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you.
2) Write a little about your work-in-progress.
3) Give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP.
4) Nominate four other writers for the challenge.

I’m currently working on book two in the Scarlet Suspense Series: Scarlet Envy. And I’m super close to completing it!!!! Expect to see the release by the end of October!!! Scarlet Envy has FBI analyst Caycee Scarlet on the trail of the Zodiac Killer. Not that she’s sure he’s even still alive, having disappeared in the early 1970’s after terrorizing California. Everyone around Caycee is dying to figure out the connected!

I’ve had fun with this installment of the series! I love the history of pulling a real-life serial killer into the mix, although I was careful not to re-write history. Caycee, however, stays rooted with the usual suspects from her life: hansom FBI agent Gil Graham and devilish bombing suspect Carl Hicks. Although, Hicks is a changed man and it’s all because of Caycee.

Here are the first three sentences of the first three chapters:

Chapter One: You can miss many things in life, even the bad stuff.

Chapter Two: Our office stairwell felt like the only place I could escape the chaos and read the love letter.

Chapter Three: Hicks gave me a two-finger wave to move quickly.

Here are the four writers that I’m nominating for the Work-In-Progress Challenge:
Jake Ash Strife
Marla Hayes
Angela Falkowski
Cindy McCoy