Find Amazing, Up & Coming Romance Authors & WIN


Falling in love with a bunch of new authors! Take a visit over to the Tornado Giveaway 2 and you can click on the book covers and read reviews and blurbs about the books — there are over 50! If you like romance, you’ll want to check out these titles and find a few new favorites! Plus, you can participate in the Giveaway to earn free books, among other things.

I will be posting some of my favs, but they are all worth checking out! And a nice range of romance books. There is something for everyone! Enjoy!


Guest Blogging is a Blast


I just did a guest blog at Just Romantic Suspense! Very cool website filled with advice and leads on what to read next in the romantic suspense genre. Check out the website and my guest post. You’ll have to scroll down to the second blog post to see mine. Enjoy!

Sneak Peek Sunday & Scarlet Revenge


I’m part of Sneak Peek Sunday! Here’s a link if you’d like to visit all the blogs for a peek.

As part of the Peeking, below are six paragraphs from my brand spanking new romantic suspense novel SCARLET REVENGE.

Clearly, Omega had come for revenge. I was the next victim on his list. He would expect me to breakdown, cry, beg for my life. Well, there would be none of that from me.

He waited. No tears. No fear. It was new for him. “If you come with me, Caycee, I won’t kill the rest of them.”

I considered the offer, buying time. How far could I bluff him? Out of the building? To the parking lot? Until he marked me with the Omega symbol and stabbed me? “Can I see your forearms?” I asked. The question threw him. “Amanda Collins, you remember her right? She said you had a Greek tattoo. Just curious.”

He pushed both sleeves up to his elbows and showed off two tattoos – alpha and omega. “Every tattoo has a story.”

“I’d ask you what it all means, but I don’t really care.”

“Caycee, Caycee, Caycee,” he chanted. His lips curled up, even as he spoke. He seemed to put a lot of effort into looking happy. It was a shit-eating smile. Fake. Threatening. “You should ask all your questions. While you have the time.”

*** For more about SCARLET REVENGE, click HERE.

Blog Tour – Feb. 24th


“Scarlet Revenge” is getting a promo blitz on February 24th. Should be fun, as I try my best to check in with all the blogs, the tally should go well into 40 blogs. Wow!

I will post more details, as it grows near. Bet the blogs will be well worth checking out.

Here’s a link: It’s a banner and here’s what it looks like…


Dealing With Reader Comments


Now that my first book is out and people are finally reading it, I’ve been happy to see reviews posted on Amazon. It got me wondering how other authors deal with the comments, the good ones and the bad. Anyone with experience in this area, please post. I’d love to hear about other author’s experiences.

For me, I love reading the comments!!! Even the ones that offer suggests to improve my writing, still make me happy. So far, the reviews have all been top rated 5 or 4 stars, but I’m sure the day will come when a reader ranks my book lower. I’ll still like reading their comment!

I love that I have a book out there worthy of comment, be it good, bad or filled with insight about how to make the next book better. Writing is an endless lesson, in a good way. Every comment joins that crazy mix in my head when I sit down to write. For so long, I’ve just been writing for me. Now that I know I’m writing for others as well, how can my writing not improve?

So thanks to all my brave readers who posted a comment! I read every one. I hear your input and it will make a difference. I’m thrilled by your enthusiasm and praise for the book, because writing is a lonely job. I consider every insight you give me about the story. Most of all, I’m honored that you took the time out of your busy day to read and post a review!