Kindle Countdown SAVINGS NOW!


Great time to break into the Scarlet Suspense series. Book 1 Scarlet Revenge is on a Kindle Countdown at 99 cents and Book 2 Scarlet Envy just came out! They are fun, fast, thrilling reads about a strong woman, the FBI and a serial killer!

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Just Romantic Suspense Blog


Today, I’m a guest blogger on the wonderful blog Just Romantic Suspense. My post is titled: Writing Killer Promo Material. I hope you can check it out!

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March 12-15: Amazon Kindle Countdown Discount for “Scarlet Revenge”


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Serial Killers and suspense at a discount!

Scarlet Revenge will start a Amazon Kindle Countdown — being sold at a discounted price — in honor of Book 2 coming out in the series, Scarlet Envy. It’s a great way to get Book 1 and 2 for a great Kindle price!

Kindle Countdown starts March 12th!

Click here to visit Scarlet Revenge on Amazon.

Click here to visit Scarlet Envy on Amazon.

First Book on Amazon!


Check out the first book in the Scarlet Suspense series — “Scarlet Revenge” on Amazon now! The Kindle version is up and available for purchase. The paperback is due in two weeks. And the audio book will be up in a month or so! Hope you like it!

"Scarlet Revenge" book cover.

“Scarlet Revenge” book cover.